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Why Did We Make An Air Quality Monitor That Measures CO2?

Why did we make an air quality monitor that measures carbon dioxide, aka, CO2? The answer is simple. We made the Laser Egg+ CO2 monitor because sleeping better, feeling better, and performing better begins with better air quality. 

That’s something that we believe in 100% and we want to help people identify why their air might be part of a bigger problem. 

It’s common knowledge that we produce carbon dioxide naturally when we exhale. However, a lot of people don’t realize that this creates higher concentrations of CO2 inside our homes, offices, and classrooms. We need these rooms to have the best air quality possible because this is where spend time working and learning. In fact, the less ventilation there is in the room, the more likely it is that CO2 will be hanging around and causing problems.

Learn more about everything you need you know about CO2 and how it affects our health and our planet here.


What kind of problems can CO2 cause for people?

There’s more than a few ways that breathing in CO2 can affect you. Here’s how carbon dioxide levels can impact your daily life:

  • It impacts your ability to concentrate — CO2 is a naturally occurring gas and we exhale several pounds of it every day, however, when the levels of CO2 get too high, we stop being able to think and perform the same way. Ever been in a meeting at work and had a hard time staying focused? That could be because you’re tired, or it could be that the CO2 levels in your office are too high. Without monitoring what’s happening, you’ll never know for sure.
  • It can affect your sleep — Typically, carbon dioxide levels rise during the night when people are sleeping, especially if the door and windows are closed. Unfortunately, poor air quality can hinder restful sleep and optimum health in many homes. With a carbon dioxide air quality monitor, you’ll be able to track what’s going on while you’re catching zzz. This enables you to spot patterns so you can make adjustments to your air quality before heading off to bed.
  • It makes it hard to learn — Prolonged exposure to CO2, particularly in unventilated spaces, is especially concerning given that your ability to think clearly will directly impact how you perform in work and school settings. Without being able to measure what’s happening, you can’t take steps to correct any air quality problems.
  • It can impact your children at school — If high levels of CO2 mean that you’re having a hard time staying focused as an adult at work, imagine how it feels for your kids when they’re trying to learn at school. Using the Laser Egg+ CO2 air quality monitor will help you better understand what the air is like when your kids are trying to learn.
  • It affects your productivity at work — If you’re not able to focus, you’re not really able to be productive. One study from the Berkeley National Laboratory looked at indoor CO2 levels and how it affects our decision making and cognitive function. The results were startling.  
  • It makes work meetings difficult and ineffective  — If you’ve got a group of people sitting in a room for several hours the CO2 levels will generally rise. How much it rises will depend on how many people there are in the room, how long you spend in the room, and what the ventilation is like. The levels of CO2 will tend to be the highest at the end of the meeting (usually when the important decisions are being made). The Laser Egg+ CO2 monitor can alert you and let you know when you need to open the door or take a quick break.
  • It makes you feel drowsy — Elevated indoor levels of carbon dioxide affect the human brain and overall health. When the levels get too high it can make you feel drowsy. Unfortunately, many schools, cars, gyms, offices, meeting rooms, and bedrooms have concerning levels of carbon dioxide that have a great impact on how we think and feel. 

Although the air may not look dirty, excess CO2 can cause a lot of problems and it’s a bigger issue than many people realize. If you can’t measure the severity of the problem, you can’t take effective steps to correct what’s happening. 

The Laser Egg+ CO2 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an accurate and powerful CO2 air quality monitor with unique features that enable you to track your carbon dioxide levels in your home, at work, or in the classroom. 

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