Introducing the Kaiterra Dashboard

We’re proud to announce that Kaiterra Sensedge can now be managed via the Kaiterra dashboard. With our newly launched dashboard, you can view all of y...
May 1, 2019

Accuracy, Precision, & Resolution - What Do They Mean For IAQ Sensors?

For your building project to be successful, it’s critical to be 100% clear on what these terms mean to IAQ monitoring and how they directly impact a b...
April 28, 2019

Why Is Calibration Important & How Do Sensedge Modules Solve This Problem?

Commercial Air Quality Monitors 101 — Modules & Calibration Imagine this: You’re working on an important document for your boss, and you’ve just finis...
April 14, 2019

What Makes the RESET Standard Different?

RESET is a green building standard that emphasizes the health of occupants, focusing specifically on indoor air quality (IAQ). It is the world’s first...
March 4, 2019

How Kaiterra Ensures That Sensedge Devices are Accurate and Correctly Calibrated

What makes Kaiterra air quality monitors different from the rest? It all starts with how the sensors are calibrated. Reliable air quality data starts ...
February 24, 2019

Air Quality Research: The Impact of Big Data on Evaluations and Studies

Environmental Pollution Volume 240, September 2018, Pages 839-847
January 27, 2019

Introducing BACnet/IP Integration With Kaiterra Sensedge

In the advent of smart buildings, BACnet has emerged as the protocol standard in the Building Automation (BA) industry. For many buildings around the ...
January 14, 2019

How to Maximize Your IWBI WELL V2 Scorecard With IAQ Optimizations

The new requirements for the IWBI’s WELL v2 certification now include two dedicated IAQ features focused on air quality monitoring and thermal comfort...
January 7, 2019