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How the Canadian Embassy Is Working for Sustainability and Wellness in Beijing

Dianna Smith

And How It’s Utilizing Air Quality Monitoring for a Bigger Purpose

The Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China, became the world’s first government project to be certified by RESET Air. As part of Earth Challenge 2020, the data from the Canadian Embassy’s outdoor monitor, provided by Kaiterra, will be incorporated into a global network of air quality points.

Tackling Air Pollution Through Air Quality Monitoring

In Beijing, China, air pollution has been an enormous concern for decades. With elevated levels of particulate matter, ozone, and other forms of pollution, the residents of Beijing face significant health threats from the air they breathe. And while the air conditions of the city have certainly improved over the last few years, the air quality of the city remains poor. Because of its location, the Canadian Embassy in Beijing also experienced challenges as a result of the city’s air pollution.

To combat this growing issue, the Canadian Embassy in Beijing began working to become the “Greenest Environmental Embassy in Beijing,” with the hope of tackling outdoor air quality. It also wanted to reduce its environmental impact and protect the health of its workers.

To accomplish this goal, the Canadian government invested in air purifiers and air quality monitors, including Kaiterra’s outdoor monitor. With the help of this equipment, the embassy employees could track unsafe particulate matter and remove PM2.5 and PM10 from inside the embassy. The workers could then avoid the health complications caused by air pollutants.

Furthermore, the outdoor monitoring at the Canadian Embassy is part of the Global Sensor Planting Project, an initiative designed to improve the quality and quantity of outdoor air data being reported worldwide. The project is led by RESET, an international building standard and partner of Earth Challenge 2020 (EC2020). 

Part of the Sensor Planting project, diplomatic organizations around the world, including the Canadian Embassy, have become planting outdoor air quality monitors. These monitors will provide data to a global network of data points that can be used to identify sources of air pollution and eliminate them. The data can also be used to standardize measurements and ensure that air quality data is accurate and actionable.

Earning the RESET Air Certification and BOMA BEST Silver Certification

After a few years of alterations and investment, the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China officially became the world’s first government project to receive the RESET Air Certification. It also received the BOMA BEST silver certification for its strides in reducing its environmental footprint.

The RESET Air Standard is an indoor air quality standard that focuses on the long-term health and productivity of the occupants of a building. Through required ongoing air quality monitoring, the RESET Air certification ensures that air is properly circulated and the occupants face minimal exposure to harmful air pollutants. 

At Kaiterra, we believe that the first step in solving any problem is understanding the problem. To tackle the issue of air quality and the impacts it has on human health, you need to have quality information on the air.

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