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Kaiterra and Fantom Factory Partner to Improve Air Quality Analytics

Joe Di Noto

Thanks to recent work by our friends at Fantom Factory, you now have more ways to turn the data collected by Kaiterra devices into business-transforming insights. Their new extension makes it much easier to analyze air quality data in the popular SkySpark platform.

The Kaiterra Cloud Extension is a SkySpark connector to synchronize data points from all your Kaiterra devices. In addition to being highly optimized for efficiency, the Kaiterra Cloud extension supports the following functionalities:

  • Learn: Browse and bind device points in the SkySpark Connector App
  • Current values: Poll the Kaiterra Dashboard for current sensor values

  • History sync: Download previous historical data for device points in bulk

  • Two-factor authentication: Retrieve data from Kaiterra accounts where 2FA is enabled

  • Account types: Works for personal Kaiterra dashboard accounts as well as larger organization accounts.

  • Test devices: Evaluate the connector with Kaiterra's own test devices

The extension is free to download and evaluate, for up to 10 points. You can learn more about how it works and watch a video tutorial on StackHub.

We’re excited to see how Kaiterra customers will use this new integration to gain new insights from air quality data and continue to optimize their built environment for health, wellbeing, and higher productivity.

About Fantom Factory

Fantom Factory specializes in full stack web software development and innovation. With expertise in Project Haystack, SkySpark, and Fantom, Fantom Factory is committed to helping businesses overcome their technical challenges through project consultancy, ready-made software, and accredited eLearning.