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Kaiterra Sensedge and Sensedge Mini Earn BTL Certification

Joe Di Noto

We're proud to share that our Sensedge and Sensedge Mini air quality monitors have both earned BTL certification after successfully completing testing under the BACnet Smart Sensor (B-SS) device profile!

KaiterraxBTL cert (3)

Through BACnet integration, our devices provide a secure and real-time connection with your BMS which enables facility managers and building owners to track everyday building performance and to gain crucial insights for high-performing control strategies.

Supporting IP-based connectivity over Ethernet and Wi-Fi, our devices  act as an active server to monitor various air quality parameters and support multiple analog input objects such as:

  • PM2.5
  • PM10
  • CO2
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • VOCs
  • Module lifespan
  • System running time

Optimizing building conditions is made easy by syncing this data with BA systems, and ensuring that devices are effectively communicating with each other. Pairing indoor air quality data with BACnet technology will help to effectively save energy costs while improving occupancy comfort at the same time.

Are you effectively collecting leveraging your IAQ data to turn insights into action? To learn more about how to optimize your building control strategies, reach out to our team of air experts for a free consultation:

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