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Podcast: Finding the Signal in the IAQ Noise with Kaiterra & DLR Group

Joe Di Noto

Today, the smart and healthy building industry is flooded with cursory information that barely scratches the surface of its potential. Luckily, people like James Dice exist to dig deep below the surface, cutting through a saturated and noisy industry to deliver unbiased and in-depth insights on smart buildings. James is one of the leading voices and a champion of smart building technology, innovation, and energy efficiency within the commercial real estate space, publishing a weekly newsletter and podcast series diving into these topics.

We had the great pleasure of being a guest on James's Nexus podcast, for a discussion on everything indoor air quality, navigating your way through the noise on this complex topic, and what an integrated IAQ strategy looks like.

Listen below:


Highlights From Our Discussion:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • The founding story of Kaiterra (6:52)
  • Shona on the history of IAQ practice (9:16)
  • Making sense of the wild wild west of IAQ & the state of the industry (23:08)
  • Making the business case & current best practices (33:20)
  • Should it be a stand-alone stack or integrated with building systems? (45:01)
  • What is an integrated IAQ strategy? (56:14)
  • Optimizing for IAQ and sustainability (1:01:23)