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Advance Your Air With The Laser Egg+ CO2

Christine Johnson

Since recently announcing our giveaway contest, we've received a lot of questions about the latest edition to our air quality monitor family, the Laser Egg+ CO2.  We are very excited about our upcoming launch and wanted to share a bit more about what it does and, more specifically, how a carbon dioxide monitor can help you. Below are some of the top questions we've received.  

Kaiterra Laser Egg+ CO2 Air Quality Monitor

Why did we make the Laser Egg+ CO2?

We exhale roughly 2.3 pounds of CO2 every day. While we can’t see or smell CO2, it’s very important to keep levels in check because it affects our breathing, thinking, and overall productivity. 

The air we breathe is a delicate balance of a few key ingredients, and many of us don’t realize that even small changes–such as keeping a door closed–can completely disrupt this balance. This can lead to headaches, drowsiness, and worse. With the Laser Egg+ CO2 you can say goodbye to afternoon drowsiness and hello to fresh air!

Read more about everything you need to know about CO2 and how it affects us and our planet here.

Who is the Laser Egg+ CO2 for?

The Laser Egg+ CO2 is an air quality monitor that was designed for anyone who suffers from headaches or afternoon drowsiness. If you find you've been having a hard time concentrating at work or at school, then monitoring the carbon dioxide levels around you will help you determine if air quality is part of the problems you've been experiencing. 


What will it help you measure?

  1. CO2 – Short-term exposure to CO2 can cause dizziness, headaches, disorientation, and, in some cases, loss of consciousness. CO2 exposure often leads to hypertension which reduces productivity and brings down the energy level in your body.

  2. AQI – AQI values tell you how clean or polluted your air is and what associated effects might be a concern for you. 

  3. Particulate Matter (PM2.5) – Exposure to fine particles such as PM2.5 can lead to health effects similar to smoking, such as cardiovascular and lung disease. 

  4. Temp & Humidity – The temperature of a room makes all the difference in terms of comfort and mood. Understanding humidity levels are important because too much or too little moisture can lead to colds, flu symptoms, and put you at risk for toxic mold. 

  5. Weather forecasts – You'll be able to easily understand what's happening outside so you can plan your day accordingly. 

Will the Laser Egg+ CO2 be available everywhere? 

Yes! The Laser Egg+ CO2 will be available for sale on our website. We ship worldwide. 🌍 If you have any questions, please connect with us here

What makes this carbon dioxide monitor different from the rest? 

We're glad you asked! Check out  this blog post.

If you have product-specific questions and aren't able to find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to our team directly. We're happy to help in any way that we can!