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What Makes the Laser Egg+ CO2 Monitor Different?

Dianna Smith

The most important thing when looking for an air quality monitor of any kind is accuracy. After all, if the point of getting the monitor is to test and track your air for certain pollutants, you should be able to trust in those readings. 

That said, there are some key things you should look out for besides accuracy when searching for a CO2 air quality monitor. For example, what does the product look like? Does it track your data? Can you easily view the readings from across the room? These questions can be used to really separate the good monitors from the great, enabling you to make a quality investment into your health. 

We designed the Laser Egg+ CO2 to go beyond just accuracy. We believe it is the best combination of accuracy, aesthetics, and practicality in a carbon dioxide monitor. 


Monitor Multiple Air Quality Parameters

So, you found an accurate CO2 monitor. That’s great! It can provide you with carbon dioxide readings you can use to make decisions about your daily activity. 

So...what else does it do?

Air quality monitors don’t have to be a one-trick pony. They can measure multiple things at once and report a better picture of the air you breathe. After all, who cares if your CO2 is 800ppm if you and your family are now exposed to particulate matter

The Laser Egg+ CO2 provides a holistic approach to air quality monitoring. In addition to carbon dioxide, the device displays PM2.5, AQI, temperature, and humidity. With this wide range of indoor and outdoor air quality information, you can make the best choices for your air and maximize the health of you and your family.

Access At-A-Glance Readings

Interacting with a personal device that doesn’t have a good screen can be frustrating. Not only will it make viewing the readings tougher, but it also makes it trickier to adjust your settings and use the device directly. 

The Laser Egg+ CO2 has a brightly-lit, easy-to-read screen that makes it simple to adjust your settings and view your readings. It also has color-coded indicators to help you readily digest your readings from across the room. For instance, if your CO2 levels are 550ppm (fairly low), the screen will have a green circle. Likewise, if your readings are 2000ppm, the display will show red to let you know levels are high. You can then take immediate steps to lower CO2 concentrations without having to first view the numerical readings and make a judgement call. This simplifies how you keep track of your air and takes one more thing off your plate.

Integrate CO2 Monitoring Into Your Smart Home Network

The Laser Egg+ CO2 can directly connect with home automation networks, including IFTTT and Apple HomeKit. Instead of manually keeping track of your readings and taking action yourself, the Laser Egg+ CO2 and your smart home can do the work for you. 

The Laser Egg+ CO2 can integrate with your home network to directly lower carbon dioxide levels. If your network includes a ventilation system or automatic window opener, the Laser Egg+ CO2 can tell these devices when to turn on and vent out carbon dioxide. This feature of the Laser Egg+ CO2 makes controlling your carbon dioxide very convenient, which can remove another source of stress from your life. It also gives you peace of mind that your CO2 levels will not impede your health or the wellness of your family. 

Utilize Actionable Data Tracking

The thing about CO2: you can’t track it when you are asleep. You aren’t going to wake up in the middle of the night, eager to glance at your CO2 monitor, and then write down your findings. That’s absolutely insane! 

However insane it might sound, that’s what you’ll be doing with a CO2 monitor that doesn’t track and store your data. Even when you’re awake, you don’t want to have to keep checking your readings to make sure you aren’t breathing in excess CO2.

The Laser Egg+ CO2, on the other hand, uses an app to connect to your phone. You can get on-the-go information about your CO2 when you are away from home. The app will also send you notifications when the carbon dioxide levels in your home exceed the level you set. This is especially important for parents, as you need to know that your kids are protected from CO2 even when you aren’t there with them.

Furthermore, the Laser Egg+ CO2 uses the app to automatically consolidate your data into graphs and historical trend lines. Once you have this information, you can draw conclusions about sources of CO2 in your home, times when levels might be high, and who in your home may be at most risk for exposure to elevated CO2 levels. Then, you can take steps to protect yourself and your family from exposure to high carbon dioxide levels. 


Add to Your Decor

Because the point of a CO2 monitor is to measure your air and alert you about high CO2 levels, it should be visible in your home. And since carbon dioxide is created by people, your monitor should be where the people are. 



As a result, a lot of people are going to see this monitor, and you will see it every day. It needs to have a nice design, and it’s not frivolous to expect your CO2 monitor to be eye-pleasing and savvy.

We kept these needs in mind when we designed the Laser Egg+ CO2. The monitor is sleek, discreet, and comfortably held in the palm of your hand. The color and shape are very modern and easily blend into your home. It is also small enough to fit in any room without taking up a lot of space. Overall, the design of the Laser Egg+ CO2 is ideal for anyone looking for a powerful CO2 monitor that will add, not detract, from your home decor.

Overall, the Laser Egg+ CO2 lets you:

  1. View multiple pollutants and aspects of your air
  2. Blend your CO2 monitor into your home, seamlessly
  3. Easily view readings with a convenient screen design
  4. Add CO2 monitoring to your smart home network
  5. Track and store air quality data through the app


The Laser Egg+ CO2 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a convenient, powerful CO2 monitor with unique features that enable it to track your carbon dioxide.


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