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Push Notifications Are Here!

Your Laser Egg can now let you know when something in your home or environment is polluting your air with the Kaiterra app.

How To Set Up Kaiterra Push Notifications

You can send push notifications to your Android or iOS device with a few quick steps. Here’s how:

  • Connect your Laser Egg to your Kaiterra app.
  • Open your app and find your device.
  • Tap the Alerts icon on the left side of the screen.




  • Activate the push notification by tapping on the toggle. Next, set your air quality trigger by adjusting the slider to your desired threshold.




You’re all set to receive alerts when your air quality exceeds your desired threshold in your Notifications inbox.






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Kaiterra is a global company on a mission to end air pollution. We make air monitors that empower people to make small changes in their everyday lives and help with researchers, NGOs, and governments around the world to end air pollution at the source.