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Case Study: How Perkins Eastman Prioritized Employee Wellness in Their Chicago Studio With a WELL Platinum Certification

Dianna Smith

In November of 2020, Perkin Eastman’s Chicago studio, located in the iconic Rookery Building, became the first project in Illinois and the 25th project worldwide to receive a WELL v2 Platinum Certification. Reflecting its commitment to employee wellness and promoting a healthy studio culture, Perkins Eastman’s design team utilized the principles of WELL to craft a workspace that prioritizes well-being. 

Perkins Eastman's Chicago office

Company: Perkins Eastman

Location: Chicago, USA

Project Area: 12,430 ft²

Project Type: Office

Product Used: Kaiterra Sensedge air quality monitor

Certification Achieved: WELL v2 Pilot Platinum

Throughout the design process, the team stressed the importance of indoor air quality. Perkins Eastman utilized three Sensedges in their office equipped with sensors for PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, temperature, and relative humidity. These monitors provide a constant stream of real-time air quality data that can be used, in turn, to locate sources of indoor air pollution.

Continuous air quality monitoring, alongside material selection and construction IAQ management, not only played a crucial role in Perkins Eastman’s WELL certification but will also help ensure the long-term health and safety of the Chicago studio’s staff and guests. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect communities worldwide, indoor air quality management is more essential than ever. Perkins Eastman’s commitment to indoor air quality gives the Chicago team confidence that they are returning to a safe workplace that values their health. 

Our employees are our greatest asset, so we wanted to design a space that was comfortable, inviting, and most importantly, safe to return to. As a firm we are committed to holistic wellness. With the air quality data provided by our Sensedges, we were able to be transparent about the air quality while also being able to apply these findings to the WELL certification process. 

- Madona Lizi Cumar-Malhotra, Senior Project Architect/Manager at Perkins Eastman

In addition to IAQ, the Perkins Eastman design team incorporated other materials to nurture a sense of holistic wellness into the new Chicago studio. The acoustic felt wall dampens noise, creating a calm, focused workspace, while the sit-to-stand desks provide flexible working options for the staff members. At the same time, a Lutron lighting system and natural light options reduce energy use, so the office is not just healthier, but greener as well. 

Overall, Perkins Eastman’s WELL Platinum certification reflects a company-wide commitment to employee and guest well-being. The company’s ethos, Human by Design, prioritizes sustainability and wellness. Perkins Eastman’s Chicago studio embodies these ideals, setting an example for healthy workspaces and reassuring employees and guests alike that the studio is a safe and productive place to work.   

The Sensedge units in Perkins Eastman’s Chicago studio help ensure workplace wellness and helped the company earn a WELL certification. For more information about the Sensedge, including how it helps you secure points toward WELL, reach out below: 

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