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New: Kaiterra’s Sensedge Mini is Part of the Works with WELL Catalog!

Joe Di Noto

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Kaiterra has been approved to license the Works with WELL trademark for our Sensedge Mini IAQ monitor – having demonstrated alignment with four strategies within the WELL Building Standard (WELL).

Why this matters: This milestone demonstrates our continued commitment to improving the built environment and creating healthy workplaces. 

The Sensedge Mini, along with Kaiterra’s full suite of air quality monitors and software solutions, gives workplace leaders and building managers transparency into key drivers of human productivity and wellbeing. Adherence to industry standards is critical for organizations that want to measure their efforts against science-backed benchmarks, and serves as crucial third-party validation that instills confidence in employees, investors, and members of the public. 

We’re thrilled to continue working with WELL on this important mission.

What is the Works with WELL Program?

WELL is a leading industry standard for buildings, organizations, and communities. WELL outlines key building-level interventions and organizational strategies across 10 concept areas: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind, and Community. 

Works with WELL is a licensing program offered by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). Eligibility for the trademark demonstrates that a product aligns with specific science-backed strategies in the WELL Standard. These strategies contribute to the health and well-being of occupants and can help organizations meet the requirements for certification.

How the Sensedge Mini Aligns with the WELL Standard

The Sensedge Mini contributes to achieving the following features in WELL: 

  • A08.1 Air Quality Monitoring and Awareness - Install Indoor Air Monitors The Sensedge Mini allows organizations to comply with strategy A08.1 by deploying air quality monitors equipped with sensors that measure key parameters including particulate matter, carbon dioxide, ozone, and total VOCs.
  • T06.1 Thermal Comfort Monitoring - Monitor Thermal Environment. The Sensedge Mini helps monitor dry bulb temperature and relative humidity.
  • X01.3 Material Restrictions - Restrict Lead. The Sensedge Mini meets the RoHS restrictions to minimize human exposure to lead.
  • X05.1 Enhanced Material Restrictions - Select Compliant Interior Furnishings. The Sensedge Mini is compliant with RoHS restrictions which contributes to restricting chemicals found in products commonly installed in buildings.

The Sensedge Mini is a minimal air quality monitor that blends into any built environment, providing real-time and reliable readings of particulate matter, VOCs, carbon dioxide, ozone, temperature, and relative humidity. Through the Kaiterra Dashboard, workplace leaders and building managers can access, benchmark, and analyze indoor air quality data to identify issues and discover improvements. 

With the new Works with WELL trademark, the Sensedge Mini is an optimal choice for those seeking WELL certification, allowing projects to gain up to 6 points via continuous air quality monitoring.

For more on gaining points with IAQ in WELL certification, read our comprehensive guide.

Let’s Simplify Your Certification Journey

If you’re looking to achieve or maintain WELL certification, we’re here to help. Get in touch today to discuss the requirements you want to meet, and to learn more about how Kaiterra’s unique technology and unparalleled industry expertise can help get you there faster.

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