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Hines Shanghai Earned a RESET® Air Certification with Kaiterra's Sensedge

Laura Lian

In July 2019, world-leading real estate company Hines received the RESET Air Interior Certification for its Hines Shanghai Office at One Museum Place. Kaiterra’s Sensedge, a RESET certified Grade B commercial air quality monitor, has been used in this project to provide accurate and real-time monitoring of the indoor air.

Hines is a privately owned global real estate investment, development, and management firm founded in 1957. Hines began developing, investing, and managing high-quality real estate projects in China in 1995. One Museum Place in Shanghai is their latest project in China, which opened in March 2018.

Indoor Air Quality is Key to Workplace Well-being

Air pollution has become a global issue, and companies today have realized its negative impact on their employees and business. Indoor air pollution can have subtle but substantial effects on people in the workplace, including more sick days, lower productivity, and impaired decision-making abilities. In fact, researchers at Harvard uncovered a 5-6% dip in productivity due to fine dust pollution.

In order to make sure all the staff at Hines are working in a healthy environment, Hines decided to adopt the RESET Air Commercial Interior Standard to further emphasize the importance of indoor air quality.

Using Kaiterra’s Sensedge in RESET Projects

As the world’s first sensor-based, performance-driven building certification program, RESET Air prioritizes on-going results and long-term occupant health, with a strong focus on real-time data, long-term monitoring, and real-time communication of IAQ data to all tenants.

As a RESET certified Grade B commercial air quality monitor, Kaiterra’s Sensedge can provide accurate readings of particulate matter (PM2.5), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and humidity, all in real time. These parameters cover everything Hines needed for the RESET Certification and provide insights to further improve its indoor environment.

With its innovative modular design, the Sensedge is also extremely easy to maintain and completely free of recalibration. When needed, the team at Hines can simply change the sensor modules in seconds. The Sensedge can also be seamlessly integrated into the supporting data systems so that staff at Hines can easily access their IAQ data at any given time.

The Result

With the help of the Sensedge, the Hines Shanghai Office consistently ensured that their IAQ, measured as daily working hour averages across three months, met the Basic Performance of following criteria:

RESET Air Certification Basic Performance Requirement


Hines Shanghai Office began its data audit period in April 2019, and since then it has been continuously meeting the RESET Air requirements. The office continues to monitor its air quality throughout the year to maintain its RESET accreditation. Further, as required by RESET, IAQ data will be reported to staff and occupants on a daily basis.

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About Hines

Hines is a privately owned global real estate investment, development, and management firm. The company was founded in 1957, with a presence in 214 cities in 24 countries with $120.6 billion of assets under management. The firm’s current property and asset management portfolio includes 512 properties, representing over 223 million square feet. With extensive experience in investments across the risk spectrum and all property types, and a pioneering commitment to sustainability, Hines is one of the largest and most respected real estate organizations in the world.

About RESET® Air

RESET Air is the world’s first sensor-based, performance-driven building certification program where indoor air quality is monitored and measured in real time. Buildings and/or spaces are required to consistently maintain healthy indoor air quality at all times, as defined by the Standard. RESET Air is comprised of comprehensive standards for hardware or sensor performance, installation, maintenance and data communication.

RESET is developed and managed by GIGA, an independent third-party organization that combines building standards development with cloud software to promote the affordability and scale of healthy buildings.