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Case Study

Case Study: How Kaiterra’s Air Quality Data Helps AtmosAir™ Build Lasting Customer Trust

Belis Turegun

When talking about the air purification industry, data hasn’t always been the first thing to come to mind.

This claim no longer holds true. In recent years, industry players have started seeing questions surrounding air quality metrics and data become increasingly more relevant— thanks to the shifting nature of customer expectations.

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As the leading air purification solution provider in North America, AtmosAir™ was one of the first companies in the industry to recognize the importance of air quality monitoring in measuring the effectiveness of air purification systems. When it came time to identify the right partner to support AtmosAir™’s core business and global operations, Kaiterra stood out from the competition with its RESET™ certified air quality monitor, the Sensedge


Saying AtmosAir™ specializes in clean air solutions is an understatement. The company’s diverse range of solutions, including the famous Bipolar Ionization technology, helps commercial, industrial and residential buildings across North America achieve cleaner indoor air quality, and pioneer the air purification industry with their versatility and reliability

While both of these qualities are the foundation of AtmosAir™’s success today, a new trend in customer expectations around data driven decision making is changing the game, driving industry players to rethink their ability to provide complete and collaborative solutions.

The Challenge

In the context of the air purification industry, this emerging customer expectation translates to having the ability to measure the effectiveness of air purification systems with data and numbers. The real challenge arises here: due to the “invisible” nature of air purification services, it is often difficult, if not impossible to showcase performance and monitor effectiveness.

AtmosAir™ experienced the increasing demand for data-driven decision making firsthand; over the course of the past year, customer questions surrounding the impact of AtmosAir™’s solutions on indoor air quality, energy savings, and ROI became more and more prominent. Naturally, AtmosAir™ knew that the ability to answer these questions would put them ahead of the curve and give them the opportunity to showcase the value their air purification technology could bring to the table. 

AtmosAir™ was quick to realize the importance of indoor air quality monitoring for their business. Since the responsibility of an air purification system is to remove contaminants from the air, monitoring indoor air quality metrics such as the change in particulate matter concentration and volatile organic matter concentration was a sound choice for tracking the effectiveness of air purification solutions.

As such, AtmosAir™’s next challenge was to find a seasoned partner to support their global business with reliable air quality monitoring insights.

The Solution

Kaiterra’s RESET™ accredited commercial indoor air quality monitor, the Sensedge, was the perfect complement to AtmosAir™’s renowned indoor air purification solutions, for a couple of reasons. 

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The Sensedge initially stood out amongst the competing products for being the first air quality monitor engineered to meet the rigorous RESET™ Air Standard for Commercial Interior. As RESET™ Standards require prospective applicants to meet the highest of air quality standards and are no easy feat to accomplish, AtmosAir™ was confident in the Sensedge’s ability to provide crucial air quality insights accurately and reliably, and satisfy the needs of their clients who are pursuing green building certifications such as WELL and LEED.

This is certainly true; designed for accurate, continuous, and secure tracking of indoor air quality, the Sensedge packs a wealth of features, chief among which is its modular design. The Sensedge’s one-of-a-kind modular sensor design introduces hot swappable sensors to the world of air quality monitors and removes the need for the often costly and lengthy calibration process, while ensuring long-term accuracy. This was particularly important to AtmosAir™, as ease of upkeep meant that any potential issues on their customers’ end would be solved relatively quickly, further ensuring customer satisfaction. 

The Sensedge’s capabilities aren’t limited to accuracy and precision — equally appealing is the fact that real-time insights from the Sensedge are readily available on a dashboard and mobile app for users to track and optimize their indoor air quality, and can be easily integrated with building automation systems via BACnet, Modbus, and Open API, which further ensures a comfortable indoor environment that stays clean and healthy at all times. Similarly, the Sensedge’s high-end, unparalleled design allows for a seamless user experience, and will appeal to AtmosAir™ customers who also prioritize ease of use and accessibility. 

Best of all, Kaiterra’s years of experience in the air quality monitoring industry, as well as in RESET and WELL projects worldwide means that their expertise will come in handy when serving customers in diverse industries with varying needs and broaden AtmosAir™’s reach. 

Choosing Kaiterra as a strategic partner wasn’t a difficult decision for AtmosAir™ — some would even say that this was a match made in heaven. After testing a few units, AtmosAir™ started to introduce the Sensedge and other commercial air quality monitoring solutions from Kaiterra into their package to their clients in every pitch.

The Result

AtmosAir™ has reported a 600% increase in sales since the COVID-19 outbreak and continues to see growing demand for their products, especially since the importance of indoor air quality monitoring in preventing virus transmission has been brought under the spotlight by the coronavirus pandemic.


In similar fashion, AtmosAir™ 's air purification solutions powered by Kaiterra’s air quality insights have attracted the likes of U.S. Bank Stadium, Virgin Voyages, PVH Corp, and were recently introduced to the iconic Empire State Building as part of a $165 million renovation this past summer. Kaiterra’s air quality insights have helped AtmosAir™ build a custom solution that now ensures safe indoor air quality levels for over 1,600 visitors each hour and has also been greatly effective in lowering building energy costs. 

"[Commercial property owners] are all making a plan for the reemergence of people to come back into their facilities, and [want to know] what are the layers of protection that they can provide so people can be assured of a healthy environment.”

- Tony Abate, Director of Operations at AtmosAir™

The incorporation of Kaiterra’s air quality monitoring solutions into AtmosAir™’s Bipolar Ionization technology has allowed the company to provide an end-to-end solution covering all the bases in clean air management, from filtration to monitoring. With the impact of AtmosAir™’s services made trackable through various indoor air quality parameters, future and existing clients are able to see a clearer picture of the role air purification solutions play in the improvement of their indoor air quality, making them feel even more confident about their investment. 

In the coming months, Kaiterra’s air quality insights will continue to be an essential item in many commercial companies’ reopening plans and help the world make data-driven decisions that foster health-centered indoor environments. 

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