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How Kaiterra’s Sensedge Meets WELL Certification Requirements

Because of the popularity of the WELL certification program, we’ve naturally received inquiries about how the Sensedge can be used as an air quality monitor for WELL.

The Sensedge is fully compliant with the WELL certification program. To illustrate, we’ve provided a side-by-side comparison of WELL’s air quality monitoring requirements and the Sensedge’s continuous monitoring capabilities below:

WELL Requirements   Sensedge Compare
A01, A08* PM2.5 accuracy 5 μg/m³ + 15% of reading at values between 0 and 150 μg/m³ ± 10% (<30 μg/m³: ± 3 μg/m³) between 0 and 1000 μg/m³




A01, A08* TVOC accuracy 20 μg/m³ + 20% of reading at values between 150 and 2000 μg/m³ ± 15% between 0 and 9999 ppb checkmark
A08* CO₂ accuracy 50 ppm + 3% of reading at values between 400 and 2000 ppm ± 3% ± 50 ppm between 400 and 2000 ppm checkmark
A08 Sensor calibration Monitors are recalibrated or replaced annually No calibration needed - simply replace the modules checkmark
A08 Measurement intervals Measurements are taken at intervals of no longer than 10 minutes for PM and CO2 and no longer than one hour for other pollutants One minute checkmark
A08 Environmental measures display  Real-time display of air pollutants  7’’ Full Color Touchscreen Display checkmark

*For WELL, you only have to measure three of the above air pollutants at once to meet the A08 air quality monitoring requirement.

Kaiterra's Sensedge monitors three air pollutants at once (PM, CO₂, and TVOC), and it also measures temperature and humidity so you can maximize the comfort of your project. The Sensedge can also be equipped with additional sensing parameters for continuous monitoring of ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and more.


Because of its modular design, the Sensedge itself does not need to be calibrated. Rather, you only need to remove the sensors and replace them with new ones. The previously weeks-long process of calibration only takes seconds with the Sensedge, and the Sensedge can readily be used as an air quality monitor for a WELL certification.

To learn more about how the Sensedge can help you earn a WELL certification, reach out to our team below!

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