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Kaiterra Joins With IWBI and Industry Leaders to Develop the New WELL Performance Rating

Kaiterra joins a list of world-class industry leaders and experts in developing the recently announced WELL Performance Rating. Companies like Honeywell, Carrier, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric, SGS, Trane Technologies, Kaiterra, and more collaborated with the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) to create and launch this new rating, which focuses on utilizing verified metrics to evaluate healthy buildings. 


WELL Performance Rating


What is the WELL Performance Rating?

The WELL Performance Rating is a new designation offered by IWBI to recognize building owners and operators for using measurable, verified building metrics to assess the health and well-being of building occupants and applying these metrics to enhance the conditions of their spaces. The new rating draws from existing WELL features and new pathways and beta features informed by WELL Performance Testing Organizations (PTO), the IWBI Performance Advisory, as well as many smart building industry leaders. 

Because the WELL Performance Rating includes many thresholds from the WELL Building Standard relating to air and water quality, lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, and more, projects can use the WELL Performance Rating as a stand-alone certification or as a stepping stone to a full WELL certification. 

Know More About IWBI

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is a global leader in promoting people-first spaces that drive healthier, more productive workplaces and living spaces. IWBI developed the WELL Building Standard, a roadmap for designing spaces that prioritize human health and well-being, as well as a growing suite of certifications like the WELL Health-Safety Rating and the upcoming WELL Health-Equity Rating.

The most rigorously tested version of the WELL Standard, WELL v2, draws upon the knowledge of experts worldwide to establish a comprehensive framework for advancing health and wellness around the globe. The WELL Building Standard, comprising 108 features that optimize the well-being of building occupants, represents an investment in people, helping businesses and organizations:

  • Promote employee health, safety, and wellness
  • Support an organization-wide vision of health
  • Enhance branding and market leadership

To learn more about how Kaiterra worked with global industry experts and IWBI to develop the WELL Performance Rating, and for information about our enterprise air quality monitors used in WELL projects worldwide, reach out to our team below. 

Learn more & speak with a WELL consultant

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